Who is madonna dating right now

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reported (from an unnamed source) that Elba and Madonna were supposedly acting like a couple at a party after the match.

Elba apparently wasn't enthused by the rumors, and promptly took to Twitter to shut down the "hype."While Elba has made it very clear that there's nothing sexual happening between himself and Madonna, at the very least there's no denying that they're big fans of each other's work.

"When I broke up with him he made me give [the paintings he gave me] back to him.

Lo’s Las Vegas gigs during her “All I Have” residency at Planet Hollywood.

But that ain't gonna happen, here's the reason why: When we did it, I'll admit it, wasn't satisfied.' He said it would be a 'tragedy' if any more of the 'fast receding days' of the teenager's childhood were taken up by the conflict, during which Madonna had launched litigation in both London and the United States.Once murmurs of Hollywood love are in the air, it’s hard to silence the whispers. After reports surfaced this weekend that Elba and Madonna were spotted kissing at London’s M Restaurant (per the story includes Madonna’s good-humored Snapchat selfie of the two, with the message, “I kicked his butt.” A source in the story notes that the two “had only eyes for each other” while at the restaurant following Elba’s boxing match.This is not the first the world has seen of this duo.In an interview with the New York Daily news, Madonna, 57, stated: It’s just what happens. They dated two years before officially getting hitched.Just after the divorce from Ritchie, Madonna briefly dated Rodriguez in 2008.

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A source told us of the new power couple, “They have been seeing each other for a few months — and were together in LA this past weekend.” The insider added: “They are really into each other because they have so much in common — from their Latin roots, to their love of New York, and their kids.” Rodriguez, 41, was also reportedly recently backstage at one of J.

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