Passed legislation mandating additional reductions

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Passed legislation mandating additional reductions

The UNCED produced the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) to deal with climate change, which was the first international agreement to address climate change.[17] Developed countries, including the United States, were to lower emissions of the GHGs that are not subject to the Montreal Protocol to 1990 levels by the year 2000 on a nonbinding basis.[18] The FCCC does not classify GHGs as “pollutants” but defines them as “those gaseous constituents of the atmosphere, both natural and anthropogenic, that absorb and reemit infrared radiation.”[19] The United States Senate unanimously approved the FCCC on October 7, 1992, with the understanding that the FCCC did not create legally binding targets or timetables for limiting GHG emissions and the Administration would not agree to amendments or protocols to the treaty that create a binding emissions reduction commitment without subsequent Senate approval.[20] President George H. Bush signed the treaty on October 13, 1992,[21] and on March 21, 1994, the FCCC entered into force after the required fifty countries ratified it.[22] By 2009 the FCCC had been ratified by 192 countries. Evolution of the Framework Convention on Climate Change After the FCCC entered into force, the Parties to the agreement began to meet each year to deal with climate change issues.In 1995, the first Conference of the Parties (COP) to the FCCC took place in Berlin.Electric power generators produced 39.91% of the CO2 in 2008; the transportation sector produced 30.15%.[12] However, because GHG emissions diffuse quickly, the worldwide atmospheric concentration of these gases is nearly constant,[13] thus an effective response must involve many nations. The International Legal Response to Climate Change[14] The 1992 the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), popularly known as “Earth Summit,” took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where 178 nations attended.[15] The Rio meeting produced Agenda 21, an 800-page document divided into four sections and covering forty subjects, that was to be a blueprint for environmental and development policy for the coming decades.[16] Most developed countries pushed an environmental agenda, but developing countries were primarily concerned with economic development.This dichotomy in the views of nations continues today, which makes agreement on the appropriate efforts to deal with climate change difficult.Public Laws - 31st The following list of Public Laws currently available in electronic format from the 31st Guam Legislature. If you do not see the Public Law you are looking for within the following list, please contact the Clerk of the Legislature or call (671) 472-3465/3474 subsection (a) of § 4109 of Title 4, Guam Code Annotated, relative to annual leave; and for other purposes. 543-31, Sponsor: Committee on Rules, Federal Foreign & Micronesian Affairs, and Human & Natural Resources, Passed: 1/4/13, Signed into Law: 1/18/13) Voting Sheet Public Law 31-284 - An act to approve maintenance and insurance payments. In speaking to hundreds, sometimes thousands of people across the State, I know while they may not know about the "Olmstead Decision" or about the "ADA" [Americans with Disabilities Act] they do know about their own life or the lives of their children and family.They know what is right - and they know what is happening to them is wrong. (Click here to view or download Marty Omoto Commentary "Praying for Time" ) (Click here to view or download previous Commentary "Defying Gravity" - that outlines some budget solutions)(POSTED JUNE 30, 2010) FRESNO COUNTY IHSS WORKER WAGE CUT STOPPED BY FEDERAL JUDGE - ADVOCATES CLAIM VICTORY FOR DISABILITY RIGHTS AND COMPLIANCE WITH 1999 US SUPREME COURT "OLMSTEAD DECISION" SACRAMENTO, CALIF (CDCAN) [Updated 06/30/2010 AM (Pacific Time)] - As reported late yesterday afternoon, federal district court judge Claudia Wilken blocked Fresno County from implementing an hourly wage cut to their In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) workers from .25 to per hour, that was scheduled to go into effect in July, granting a temporary restraining order that was requested by lawyers representing SEIU on behalf of IHSS workers and persons receiving services under the IHSS program.

The legal documents filed by the lawyers on behalf of the IHSS workers, claimed the issue had major impact on the state's compliance with the landmark 1999 US Supreme Court Olmstead Decision under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Advocacy Without Borders: Connecting thousands of people with disabilities, mental health needs, seniors, families, workers, low income families to disability rights, senior rights, civil rights and unified action(POSTED MAY 19, 2010) MARTY OMOTO COMMENTARY - "PRAYING FOR TIME" SACRAMENTO, CALIF - These are - and have been for the past several years - hard times for our community of people with disabilities, mental health needs, people with traumatic brain and other injuries, people with MS, Alzheimer's and other disorders, seniors, their families, community organizations and workers who provide supports and services.

Year after year after year of facing threats of cuts or outright elimination of programs and services, rollbacks in eligibility, and actual loss of needed services, and loss of jobs or the constant fear of losing all of those things. Many in our communities - including those people with disabilities, mental health needs, seniors in the Asian and Pacific Islander, Latino and other communities of color - do not understand the workings of state government and politics nor have first hand information of what will or will not happen.

Governments around the world have passed measures to phase out incandescent light bulbs for general lighting in favor of more energy-efficient lighting alternatives.

Phase-out regulations effectively ban the manufacture, importation or sale of incandescent light bulbs for general lighting.

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Respicio, Passed: 12/14/12, Signed into Law: 12/31/12) Voting Sheet Public Law 31-281 - An act to authorize the Guam Visitors Bureau to recruit the necessary personnel to support its mission, and to authorize an appropriation for the purpose of such recruitment; and to appropriate the sum of sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) from the Tourist Attraction Fund to the University of Guam to fund programs of the Guampedia Foundation; and to appropriate the sum of ten thousand dollars form the Tourist Attraction Fund (TAF) to the Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Latte Festival.

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