Older women dating younger men in hollywood dating rom

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Older women dating younger men in hollywood

So when the comparison is down-to-the-minute detail: She wins. When a man is successful and wealthy, he wants a young vibrant woman whom he can enjoy in bed and high society alike.

And another thing: No matter how old the man is, he still wants to go out with a younger woman.

A couple of months ago, Maggie Gyllenhaal revealed she had recently been told by a producer that she was too old at 37 to be cast as the lover of a particular male star, whom she did not name. Ingrid Bergman was just 27, so should she not have been cast?

We'd miss one of the greatest romantic pairings in movie history – although it is true that Bogart helped establish the idea that a leading man could be any age, but his leading woman must be (considerably) younger.

What counts is that they are sitting across from a woman who is beautiful, intelligent and alive.

She won't complain about her ex; she won't moan about how tired she is because she was doing housework all day with three whining children, and then had to prepare dinner and take the dog to the vet. This woman is out to have a good time and then come home and have wild and passionate sex on the kitchen counter or the bathroom floor. And before some of you tell me about your strong sex drive after 40, consider this: Her 25-year-young spirit comes in a shape of a 25-year-young, coin-bounce-off-ass body. But hiding your head in the sand and insisting that "real men" don't want younger women, they want an equal is naïve at best and detrimental to your own love life at worst.

"When women as a group are able to have their own economic and social standing and have a power base, they are now able to pick the man that they want rather than having to choose the man to support them and give them social status," Winter explains.

"Now we have choices." But these relationships aren't always portrayed in a positive light.

It almost becomes irrelevant to these men (or this article) whether these young ladies are truly in love or are merely out to make better lives for themselves.Let's face it: Hugh Hefner is a freak, in the most enviable way possible. We may never see someone quite like Hugh Hefner again, but that doesn't mean cradle-robbing isn't a popular practice for men.And seeking mates with that father-figure quality (evolution makes them want reliable providers, y'know) continues to occur in the female of the species.That might be part of why The African Queen, shot in 1951, worked so well: John Huston saw the novelty of pairing him with someone closer to his age.Katherine Hepburn was seven years younger, but she played the perspiring spinster as if older.

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Lauren Bacall, famously, was 24 years his junior in their first picture together, Howard Hawks' To Have and Have Not, but Bogie was rarely partnered with any woman near his age.