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La campagne solo contient pas loin de 50 missions parmi lesquels se trouvent des missions secrtes en fonction de vos performances au cours de votre carrire de pilote. Elle a principalement contribuer renouveler le moteur de rendu et amliorer l'aspect graphique.Originalement bas sur du Direct X 5 voir 6.1 rendu software, SCP a propos ces dbuts du rendu Direct X 8 et Open GL.I think Jamie is dealing with this by PM while he tries some solutions.Once he has a working solution he will let everyone else know I think Jamie is dealing with this by PM while he tries some solutions.

Voici les quelques features que le projet SCP a contribu: - vue cockpit - radar tridimensionnel - armement ballistique - rparation en pleine mission - support du Track IR - scripts avancs pour l'diteur de mission FRED2 intitul dornavant sous le nom de FRED2 Open - ajout du glide (comportement de vol la Battlestar Galactica) - pilote automatique - saut subspatial en plein milieu de mission - ajout du soft shadow - ajout des normals maps - ajout du parallax mapping - ajout du FXAA (9 niveaux de paramtrage via ligne de commande) - ajout du deferred lighting - rendu exclusif en Open GL (abandon de Direct X 5/6.1) - compatibilit multiplateformes (Win, Mac, Linux) - ajout des soft particles - ajout du lightshaft/sunshaft - ajout de la reconnaissance vocale - ajout du bloom 4.I am getting exactly the same as this, making the game absolutely miserable and terrible to play, along with tiny stutters all the time and terrible performance. v=VGh Uf Lgmtk I Sounds to notice that stop playing: Background splicer yelling Bouncer moaning (He's in the other room) Companion sentry rotary blades Weapon firing sound Hi can you not just deal with this via PM please, it is a well known problem and I'm sure many people other than the TC, including myself, are experiencing this issue.Some people say this goes away after the intro level, so I'll try that for now I guess. My issue is exactly as described in this thread, I am also using Realtek on board sound, and also had the same issue in the original Bioshock.Once he has a working solution he will let everyone else know If this issue was never fixed in Bioshock, and is again present in this version, what are the chances of getting an actual fix? Looking through the ini file I found an option for lowquality sound.Could you set this to True to see if it makes any difference.

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Go to the Video options menu and change the device under "Hardware Driver".

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