Hunters dating site

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Hunters dating site

This sense of the series expanding its boundaries and dabbling in excess continues throughout the episode, which takes fairly standard comedy tropes—the infuriating call waiting experience, the horrors of New York City apartment hunting, the ex-boyfriend who won’t let go—and brings them to surreal and slightly sinister places.

Amy Sedaris’ deranged screen presence tends to infuse whatever she’s in with an anarchic electricity, and her appearance early on as Pam, the world’s most terrifying broker, continues the high-octave tone established in the cold open.

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Ilana plays the straight man for much of the episode, which means she doesn’t get as many big comedic moments as she normally does, save for a wonderfully inappropriate scene with Lincoln at his dentist’s chair near the end of the episode.

Ilana is usually the one who acts as a catalyst for mayhem, but here she primarily reacts to an inane, infuriating customer service line for the cable package she canceled months earlier.

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