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Ferro’s song “Universal Prayer” was used at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, and he has since gone on to sell over 8 million albums worldwide, in part because Ferro is fluent in Spanish and releases Spanish versions of his Italian albums. "Although Los Angeles remains the mecca of the adult entertainment industry, the landscape is quickly changing.Dating Leo Marakaios is like dancing with the devil..."I do " Margo accepts that giving up Leo's earth-shattering kisses and expert touch is the price she must pay to protect her heart..then she discovers she's pregnant.

We also decided to omit those musicians who appeared to flirt with being bisexual, but ultimately seem to consider themselves straight, such as David Bowie, or musicians who have talked in vague generalities about bisexuality but again ultimately seem clearly heterosexual, such as Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong.

Over the past several years, we’ve seen production begin to move east to more porn-friendly cities such as Las Vegas, as well as north to places like Montreal and Toronto.” The inclusion of Montreal, then, should come as no surprise given our city's history in red-light districts and burlesque, ensconced in the city's only venue dedicated solely to the performance art, The Wiggle Room, and general sex-positive attitude.

It's a commonly cited statistic that Montreal is the third-biggest porn city in the world, behind Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

So here we are with a list honoring those out and proud men who have paved the way for many others like them and many more who will surely come.

These men have been a positive influence for GLBT youth around the world, and by their honesty they have helped shape the current climate and acceptability for being an openly gay male artist in today’s music industry.

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Frank and Mia stayed close, however, even when she was married to the composer-conductor André Previn, whom she divorced in 1979, after having three sons and adopting three at-risk Asian daughters.