Cacti poller not updating rrd Kolkata free cam chat girls

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Cacti poller not updating rrd

Since v0.8 there is support for tighter Cacti integration, using the Cacti Plugin Architecture that Jimmy Conner (aka cigamit) has developed for Cacti 0.8.x. *** Cacti Change Log *** issue#788: Fails on PHP Fatal error if LDAP auth enabled *** Reporting Issues *** Download Cacti *** Download Spine ***

If there’s no data for an interface (poller broke, router down) for several sample periods, it plots the in/out lines from last known values to the next known values, hiding the gap.

(Zero delta-insert otherwise gets around this — if the router was actually polled and the counter was zero) Enter DBI support in RRDtool.

Just this morning, after about a week working on how to make my Cacti system poll every minute, I finally pulled it off.

The procedure was simple but a bit long, I did only adjustment the cron jobs and series of configuration on Cacti's web interface.

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Cacti was my first to play around with since it uses a fair amount of RRD files.

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