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Zap2it attended the Top 6 taping on Wednesday, Apr.27, and witnessed a lot of flirting between the two. When the contestants left the stage, Casey held out his hand to help Haley, who was wearing 4-inch heels, down the stairs. ) Alas, she didn’t see the kind gesture, but playfully slapped him a few seconds later.

Haley, "American Idol's" comeback kid, may have gotten the confidence boost she needed at her hometown celebration on Saturday.Father Harry played guitar, mother Patti Miller-Reinhart kept the beat on tambourine and sang backup vocals, and sister Angie played bass guitar."It's really exciting because actually my neighbors know Haley, so they tell me a lot about her," said 11-year-old Gianna Trippiendi of Wheeling, who waited about 2 hours in the rain for the concert to start."This is nuts in the best kind of way," Haley told fans outside Wheeling's village hall while the rain fell. For the first time, it was Haley Reinhart's very own concert. "This is the first time I've been able to say 'this is my concert right now,' so thanks," she told 29,772 people crowded into Arlington Park before saying, "let's rock," and kicking off the show.She opened with Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets," then the family that gave Haley her musical roots joined her onstage.

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This will be the first season without Randy Jackson, who left the judges’ table last year to take on a mentorship role.